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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  January 4, 2014 1:05am-1:41am PST

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water. pop it in the minibar trick. the there is more to it than that. apparently hotel guests are becoming more sociable. >> the days of really eating room service and attacking your minibar in your guest room are slowly evolving. people really want to spend more time out in public areas and feel comfortable. >> reporter: here at lowes in hollywood they're upgrading the lobby. sofas, candles, brand new bar. >> people want to be seen when they go to the hotels. like wearing a brand label. all about being social now. and thanks to social media. >> reporter: the poor minibar has one potential life line. lowes and luxury brand are keeping them for now. do you have the little pads you can tell if somebody lifted the whisky. >> we do. >> reporter: they're updating the minibar for modern pallets. >> for example, we have such, such a gummy, gummy -- gummy bears. >> reporter: gummy bears.
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>> 100% organic. 100% made of fresh juice. >> reporter: muse tubing my eic. i feel self-conscious hanging around in the bar or lobby on my own. >> have another glass of wine. loosen up. because i think that's exactly what you need. >> reporter: whatever, jimmy. as long as there are minibars on this earth, i will be in my room, gown on. eating $9 cash tos, watching "maury
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there is an amber alert out of the east bay. a 7-year-old girl kidnapped at gunpoint in front of her home as her mother watched in horror. good evening, every. i'm carolyn johnson. >> i'm ama dates. dan ashley is off tonight. the kidnapping happened on humming bird drive in antioch. that's where abc7 news president arer lilian kim is tonight. she has new details. lilian? >> all of this unfolded right in front of natalie's home here on humming bird drive. antioch police say she was getting out of the car when an armed man grabbed her. natalie kalvo is three feet tall and weighs 54 pounds. she was wearing a pink sweater, pink scarf and pink leggings. her abductor followed them by home -- them home by car from the wal-mart. as soon as natalie got out of the car the man grabbed her and forced her into his car. he sped off toward the boulevard. antioch police say the abductor is unknown to the mother. she tried to fight back, but
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the man responsible for kidnapping natalie was armed. >> there was a weapon used and the mother attempted to stop the male from abducting her daughter. when she approached him, the male produced what has been described as a rifle and the mom stopped and was able to force the child into the car and fled the scene. >> the kidnapper is said to be in his 30s to 50sair and facial hair and possibly a mustache and last seen wearing a beanie. antioch police reviewed the surveillance video and just left the store. as for the car, it is described as a gold colored four-door 1990s toyota camry. there may have been another man in that car. anyone with information is sh -- isto cs urged to call police. lilian kim, abc7 news. >> thank you. our reporting on this breaking news sorry continues on twitter at abc7 news bay
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area. the flu is being blamed for the death of a santa clara county woman in her 40s. alan wopping is live at the health -- alan wang is live at the health department and why they are >> thi worried. >> this is where they are tracking down the spread of the flu virus here in clara county santa clara county. it is not uncommon for the elderly and infants to die from the flu, but this was a 41-year-old woman. health officials say they are seeing it take down more middle aged people. >> the cold and flu medicine has been flying off the shelves of this san jose cvs store. he just -- she just got over the flu. >> i don't really want to describe it. >> it was that bad? >> it was unpleasant. >> santa clara county health officials say the flu season is just getting started and the death of a 41-year-old woman and a hospitalization of seven others here is raising red flags. >> both the woman that died as well as the cases that have
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been in icu, they have all been people in their 40s and fests fests -- and 50s, fairly young people. >> the dominant strain so far this season is the h1th 1 virus -- h1n1 virus known as the swine flu, the one responsible for the woman's death on december 23rd. the centers for disease control says it hits the young and middle aged harder than older people who may have developed some immunity after facing a similar strain in the 1940s and 50s. >> it is a cause for concern. that's why we are urging everyone to get vaccinated. >> many question the vaccine's effectiveness. >> some years we take it and we get sick anyway. other years we don't take it and it is the opposite. >> still, health officials say it can reduce your chances of getting the virus by 50 to 70%. in san jose, alan wang, abc7 news. >> 25 stan the map reported widespread flu activity last week. that's up from 10 states the
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woke before. the week before. the states in orange including california have significant activity but only in part of the state. so far it has been a typical flu season, but h1n1 is the most common strain of flu. a court ruling today will clear the way to move the girl who is brain dead out of children's hospital oakland. nick smith is live at the latest. nick? >> ama, good evening. you know the family and the hospital have reached an agreement to allow a critical care team to transfer her to a ventilator provided by the family to a facility that the family says is interested in giving her the treatment that she needs. >> because it is for my daughter. when you love your children the way i love mine, you go above and beyond. >> the fight to save her daughter took her back to court. uled thata county superior children's hospital oakland can remove her from a ventilator on tuesday at 5:00
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p.m. her family is fighting to move her to another facility that will continue medical care. >> and i am happy that i know now that the courts are making it known that the parents do have rights. nd a a seven and a half hour long settlement conference before a federal magistrate laid out the steps necessary to move the 13-year-old. >> we will bring our own ventilator in and it will be a transfer to a ventilator and she will exit the facility. >> reporter: the two procedures needed for her to be transfer, a traik jot tee and a feeding tube insertion will not be done at children's and they are not saying when and where they are moving her, only that it is as soon as possible. a judge okayed the move as long as her mother assumes responsibility for what happens during the transfer. she had surgery on december 9th for what her family says was a routine tonsilectomy. on december 10th she was place owed a ventilator and december 11th declared brain dead. attorneys for the hospital say
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the two sides reached their agreement in superior court earlier in the day. >> by the terms of the stipulation there is a possibility for her to leave the hospital and children's is committed to the stipulation. >> the clock is ticking. a federal hearing in the case is set for tuesday at 1:00 p.m. where the attorney for the family may ask the judge for an extension if she hasn't been moved. at children's hospital oakland, nick smith, abc7 news. >> at least five mean people have been killed in a deadly winter storm pounding the midwest. it dumped two feet of snow and brought sub zero temperatures with it. portland, maine will be 8 below zero and albany, new york mns 15. minus 15. it grounded 3500 flights in the u.s. and delayed 7,000 more. the storm's crippling effects are impacting the bay area. at sfo, 36 flights were canceled.
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oakland international and mineta san jose had cancellations as well. ?ai sandhya patel is here and she has been tracking the storm with live doppler 7hd. sand yaw? >> yeah, ama, and we will look at what is happening back east. live doper is heavy hd is showing you some clouds and back east it is a different store. and let's look at the midwest. green bay is cold, 18 degrees. factor in the wind and it is 20 mile an hour gusts to 30. the windchill feels like 2 degrees in green bay. you haven't seen anything yet. look at the national temperatures. the chill is affecting a good portion of the east coast. 4 degrees in boston and 9 in new york when you factor in the wind it is 9 below in boston and 2 below in new york and here is the forecast. the niners willve to brave windchills, i mean we are talking lambeau field 0 at kickoff and by 7:00 p.m., 10 below as they take on the packers. they will also have to battle
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the windchill factor there and windchill warning 25 to 45 degrees below zero. that is frigid. that is extreme weather, but i think they can handle it. i will be back with a look at our weekend forecast and when we could see some rain around here. ama? >> the first snow survey has confirmed without a lot of rain and snow soon california is headed into a drought. state water managers measured the water content at 20% of normal for this time of year. compare that with last year's 134% of normal. at this rate the state estimates it will only be able to deliver 5% of the water d b b agencies supplying more than 25 million californians and a million acres of irrigated farl land. two people were hit by a dump truck and one of them, 67-year-old olga rodriguez was killed. it happened around noon as they crossed near third. police say both pedestrians and the driver had a green
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light, but the driver should have yielded to the people in the crosswalk. the truck driver told police he didn't see the pair. the survivors are in the hospital with what police describe as major injuries. an officer involved shooting in san jose this afternoon. sky 7hd was over cape horn drive in the berry -- beryessa area. they responded to a call to two men in their 30s fighting. they arrived and found one had a knife. the officer asked the man to drop it. when he refused and came toward her, she shot him. the suspect's identity and condition is not known at this time. this just into the newsroom. atu union members approved an agreement with bart that ends months of heated negotiations. the bart board approved the controvedrops a controversial clause granting paid family leave that bart said was mistakenly included. they will vote on the contract on january 13th. we continue to follow our breaking news out of antioch. a 7-year-old girl is kidnapped
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at gunpoint and an amber alert has been issued. >> and he left for vacation and came back a multimillionaire. the man who won part of the second largest lottery jackpot in history comes forward. the choice words he had for his employer. >> and instead of this man getting richer around the waist he actually lost weight eating nothing but mcdonalds. his fast-food experiment when so i should probably get the last roll... yeah but i practiced my bassoon. [ mom ] and i listened. [ brother ] i can do this. [ imitates robot ] everyone deserves ooey, gooey, pillsbury cinnamon rolls. make the weekend pop. ♪
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she was kidnapped from in front of her home just after 6:30. >> police say at gunpoint in front of her mother. they may have been followed home from the wal-mart store. they have identified a person of interest, david alan douglas we are being told. they are looking for a suspect vehicle which is described as a gold 90s four-door toyota camry. >> we will keep you updated on this on twitter as well as abc7 news bay area. troubled smart phone maker blackberry is accusing a company backed by ryan seacrest of being a rip off artist. it submerged in a lawsuit in san francisco federal court. the suit targets an iphone keyboard made by typo products, a los angeles start up by seacrest and another entrepreneur. they say typo copied the keyboard. a man who won part of the second largest jackpot in history took a long time to claim it because he forgot to
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look at the ticket. he purchased it in san jose at jennie's gift shop. he set it on his dresser and went on vacation. when he got back home earlier this week he woke up at 3:00 a.m. remembering the purchase. he checked the ticket and saw the winning numbers. he woke up his wife and told her the good news and quit his job as a delivery driver. >> he said he called his boss and left a message that went something like sorry, boss, i hit the jackpot. i don't think i am coming in today, tomorrow or ever. >> he will split the $648 million jackpot with another winner georgia. the store was awarded $1 million for selling the ticket to tran. an iowa science teacher conducted a test on himself to see how eating mcdone nationals three times a day for 90 days would affect his health and the result surprised his students. he lost 37 pounds eating nothing but fast-food from the golden arches for three months. he did restrict his calorie intake to 2,000 a day and made
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sure he stayed within the recommended daily allowance like carbs, proy teens and fats -- proteins. >> it is not to say he ate just salad. >> i ate the bigging mas and quarter pounder with cheese and sundays and ice cream cones. >> but he did it in moderation. he says his cholesterol dropped from 249 to 170. he also walked 45 minutes a day during that time. now it is not clear how many calories he consumed or his level of exercise prior to this experiment. a utah girl put a new spin on a hide and sook when she decided to hide in a washing machine. unfortunately for her the 11-year-old became stuck. her cousins and aunt tried to help her slide free with butter, ice and even peanut butter. when nothing worked they called firefighters. the crew spent 90 minutes cutting through the machine to get her out. her mother says she is not hurt, but just a little embarrassed. >> i would say a lot embarrassed.
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>> i would say so. let's check our weekend forecast. >> sandhya patel is here with live doppler 7hd. >> ama and carolyn, the weekend forecast looks terrific. let's check out live doppler 7h are pashigh clouds are passig through and there are patches of low cloudiness along the coastline, but they will be disappearing very soon. the record high temperatures today, 67 at kentfield and 71 ukiah and mid60s san rafael, oakland. check out gilroy, 75 degrees. these were all new records for the day. by contrast, look at what the east coast was dealing with. this peck tour was posted to -- this picture was posted to the abc7 news website. beautiful central park is what they said. i would call it a snowy central park. a gorgeous picture there. here is another one from long beach. this is the long beach boardwalk covered in white there. up to two feet of snow across parts of the east coast. there is another cold storm going their way. they are looking at sphrap and the visibility is good.
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oakland is at 50. temperatures in the 40s though redwood city and los gatos and half moon bay and the numbers will continue to fall and getting cold by morning inland. kgo roof camera, a nice view of the buildings. santa rosa 40 degrees. it is in the upper 30s in napa and novato. 46 in concord. livermore in the 40s as well and we are looking out toward the ferry building. a mild weekend and possible records again and spare the air tomorrow. we are looking at cooler weather next week and there is even the possibility of rain. it is not a whole lot, but we may see something. so the high-pressure system here, both of these will keep us dry and mild this weekend. and then we are watching for a cold front to approach. tuesday morning it is far northern california and tuesday afternoon there is a slight chance of rain here in the bay area and going into tuesday night. the front falls apart, but we will expect a little bit of rain. if it materializes it is what we are expecting. going into the week ahead it
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will be light. less than a 10th of an inch next week, but that is a sign that perhaps the pattern is changing a little bit. as we cool off we will see at least potential for some systems to move in. chilly tomorrow morning. coldest inland spots low to mid30s. you will want to bundle up if you have early weekend plans. most areas along the bay and the coast in the 40s. for your afternoon, get ready to enjoy the sun again. 68 in santa rosa and 66 san mateo and oakland and livermore and 68 san jose and santa cruz. mild and sunny, but the air quality will suffer. we are going with a spare the air alert again tomorrow. it is the 27th of the season. and you will notice the temperatures are going back down to where you should be for this time of year around tuesday, wednesday and tuesday is really hoping that slight chance of rain becomes rain likely very soon. that's what we need here in the bay area. >> no doubt. thank you. >> it is time for a check on sports. >> larry beil is here. >> we will talk about the cold and the niners and lambeau.
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♪ ♪ you got that medley crunch ♪ go! go! buzz! ♪ go! go! go! buzz! ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ ♪ clusters, flakes ♪ that medley crunch, crunch! ♪ clusters, flakes ♪ that medley crunch, crunch! go! ♪ ♪ ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ ♪ hey! you got that medley crunch ♪ ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ the warriors knocked off the defending champs in miami. you might argue that tonight was the better win. they were tired and they felt behind and came back to steal this game at the buzzer in atlanta. steph curry and looking to stay hot after the monster night in miami. the warriors were looking for offense from everybody. klay thompson and deep three. clay goes for 21. david leigh had 21 points
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pacing up on milsap. they were making shots and they were up. a gamehis to a gae and you win every time. warriors down 15 and clawing their way back. steph, and this is spectacular, coast to coast and high off the window and in. curry had 22 points and hit one three. it came midway through the fourth and right here and it cuts the hawks' lead to 6. the miss and this is with authority. warriors are down two. curry double team and feeds iguadala. good night, game over, drive home safely. warriors win it 101-100. the 49er arrived in green bay for the wild card with the packers. yes, it is cold. temps in the teens overnight. i would have loved to have seen colin cap per neck -- kaepernick come off with a tank top and then rip it off
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like hulk hogan to make a statement. he says his arteries and capillaries can handle anything. >> the heart ramps up and the hot blood races to the arteries, to the vessels and the capillaries and they are distributed to the fingers and the tows. the fingers and the toes. >> i want him as my cardiologist. clemson and ohio state in the orange bowl. miller rolling left and in trouble. hyde wide open and buckeyes up 35-34. clemson answers in similar fashion. boyd and 40-35 clemson and boyd threw for 378 and five td's. last chance buckeyes are driving and miller is picked off by anthony. clemson takes the orange bowl 40-35. missouri and oklahoma stay in the cotton bowl. ma zoo seals -- mizzou seals the game. ray scoops and scores.
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73 yards as missouri wins the cotton bowl 41-31. david shaw is still not happy with the fourth and 1 call, coach, i can't let go. he sets the record with 1,267 boards and 14 in this game also. 33 points as stanford rolls over the ducks 96-66. abc sports brought to you by riverwalk casino. >> thank you, larry. we want to tell everyone about breaking news just in of the the amber alert has been canceled. it is good news because 7-year-old natalie kalvo has been found safe tonight. >> this is just hours after being abducted. she was taken at gunpoint in front of her home in antioch in front of her mother. they had a person of interest and that was david alan douglas. again this amber alert was canceled and she was found safe. >> we know the gold toyota camry showed up at the antioch
1:34 am
marina and we believe that is where police found little natalie as well. a bunch of police presence out at the ma you rena and there are road -- out at the marina and there are road blocks and she is okay. >> the reporting continues on twit can help your kids' school get extra stuff. they're the only cereals with box tops for education. you can raise money for your kids' school. look for this logo. only on big g cereals. you can make a difference. every cereal box counts. [ female announcer ] hey, ladies. you love it. you've gotta have it. 'cause that cinnamon and sugar is so irresistible. cinnamon toast crunch. crave those crazy squares.®
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1:37 am
was there. she spoke to a witness who saw the gold camry in the parking lot and notified police. we understand that david alan douglas is now in custody. 24 is the man police arrested.ave arrested. we do know that natalie is safe. >> thankfully. thank you so much for joining us. i'm ama dates for dan ashley. >> and i'm carolyn johnson. the news continues on-line, twitter and facebook and all of your mobile devices with our new app. >> have a great night. is this the bacon and cheese diet? this is the creamy chicken corn chowder. i mean, look at it. so indulgent. did i tell you i am on the... [ both ] chicken pot pie diet! me too! [ male announcer ] so indulgent, you'll never believe they're light. 100-calorie progresso light soups. [ female announcer ] at 100 calories, not all food choices add up. some are giant. some not so giant. when managing your weight, bigger is always better. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant
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